Mental Energy

Design, manufacture and sell the UK’s newest, most exciting energy drink.

The Challenge

Bring Mental Energy Drink to market during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

How We Did It

On 21st April 2020, I was introduced to Aarron Lambert by a mutual friend. Aarron is a gym owner and businessman who sells vitamins and health supplements online. With a large follower base on Facebook, most of whom are gym enthusiasts, Aarron wanted to bring something to the market that would excite non-gym-goers and widen his product portfolio.

As a result, he was on the hunt to collaborate with like-minded individuals who could bring this vision to life. That vision was Mental Energy – a new and exciting energy drink designed to enhance mental focus. With my background in sales and the ability to drive processes forward, I jumped on board to make the project happen.

In only four weeks and during the UK’s Covid-19 lockdown period, we developed a team, designed the drink and the labelling, manufactured the product in the UK, and tested all elements so that the drink was ready to hit the market.

At a speed that’s never been seen before, Mental Energy launched on Aarron’s website (Mental Hamster) on the 15th May 2020. Within hours, all 20,000 cans were sold. This went beyond our predictions, after expecting the stock to last two weeks.

The original can design wasn’t quite what we envisioned the final product to look like. We wanted a printed can like the major energy drink players to give it an edge and stand out in the market. With limited time, we invested in a larger order to get 100,000 cans printed with the Mental Energy branding.

Demand is continuously growing, and with enough stock and traction, the future is looking extremely exciting for Mental Energy.


At unprecedented speed in only four weeks, Mental Energy launched from concept to creation. During our very first online launch, 20,000 cans sold within hours, despite predictions that the stock would last for two weeks.

Personal Learnings

• Gained a massive insight into how the industry works – particularly within compliance
• Tackled the tricky supply chain and manufacturing process, pushing the project along at record speed
• Demonstrated the ability to get things done with agility and determination, using knowledge learned throughout my career history
• Working with a new team of people and understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
• It was amazing learning to manage to get tasks completed while under massive COVID lockdown