Visual Muse

Visual Muse is an international creative powerhouse born out of the desire to break the mould and shake things up. Visual Muse covers all aspects of marketing from web design to social media management and everything essential in between.

The Challenge

To establish an inventive business in the middle of a global pandemic that supports and creates businesses of all sizes from a diverse range of industries with marketing and content. We had a fast growth attitude and mindset from day one that allowed us to offer a full range of services. We needed to create and build a team that supported all the services and digital marketing.

How We Did It

Bav Majithia in August 2020 went about setting up his Visual Muse vision and business plan whilst in the middle of a global pandemic with the view to support companies with marketing in various forms in a time when it was needed the most.

The team continues to grow, regardless of the current circumstances, with new client being managed and supported on a daily basis. The need for digital content has increased tenfold for the current market and also for the way we now absorb information in a digital format.

Implementing management processes and adapting skills within the teams was a challenge at times. We had to continually assess the actual needs of the company and once we went through a few learnings we then set a plan to grow all aspects for the future.


We established a base for the company and quickly embarked on a large recruitment drive, in order to accommodate the service demand and to support the company with the mindset of growing the company. Within the first 90 days Visual Muse secured over 50 clients and created content that has been showcased around the world with all types of businesses and brands.

Personal Learnings

Just when you think you have been though all the challenges of setting up a company more come along, restrictions on movement stopped a lot of creative work which meant we had to adapt quickly. Whilst the company was succeeding and growing at a rate of knots it was crucial that I needed to reflect a lot in the hiring process we will following and making sure the right people were coming into the team. Creative people need to be managed in a different way than others to ensure that the most is achieved.