Yiannimize Group

Yiannimize Modifications is the vehicle wrapping part of the group specialising in transforming cars. Offering a range of bespoke services from Vehicle Wrapping, Vehicle Conversions, Leather Interior and a whole lot more.

Yiannimize Media the home of content, this part of the group focus on creating the rich content for both television, radio and online such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram with a reach over 5 million people worldwide.

Yiannimize Merchandise newly formed in 2021 to allow the brand to diversify into other markets and sectors with products and services that have never been offered before.

Yiannimize Competitions another new arm to the group where the goal is to offer the opportunity to win exclusive prizes that you could normally only dream about.

Yiannimize Mobile offering directly to the consumers great customer service and experience along with a variety of options of mobile devices of all grades from new, slightly used and refurbished.

The Challenge

To form the group and create a structure in which all parts of the group and the companies could elevate in their offering to the consumer. Taking forward an existing successful business to the next level. Look and review the market and ability to diversify within products and services.

How We Did It

With the support of external advisers Bav and Yianni formed Yiannimize Group and then went about the restructure where they jointly became equal partners. The Group company acquired all the the subsidiaries and they all became wholly owned by the group.

They then set about creating a road map. First was the launch of Yiannimize Competitions where they set the website up and a membership model offering more than anyone else could have done in a quick amount of time. Offering great service and a chance to become a member.

The next project Bav & Yianni worked on was to bring clothing to the high street and that began with meetings with the Frasers Group who trusted us with a collaboration with Everlast, one of the largest boxing brands in the world, and now the clothing with Yiannimize and Everlast is available online and in store at Sports Direct.

What’s next? Well the new launch of Yiannimize Mobile is imminent which will be offering used, new and refurbished devices to the consumer and not only that we are also working on various other projects to expand the group.


Having formed the group over the last year both Bav and Yianni have gone about reviewing existing businesses and looking at various expansion plans. We now have a solid foundation and strategy for the various parts of the group. Bav and Yianni have a very clear individual skills sets which makes it natural and a breeding ground for exceptional growth.

Personal Learnings

It is not often you find someone to partner up with who is willing to work hard as you are for a common goal. We automatically assessed each others skills and appreciated what we both bring to the table. It was clear from the start that we both have very different skills and there was no egos involved just a drive to succeed and grow the group to another level. It has also shown me that all the skills I have learned over the years and contacts has only fast tracked the growth of the group and will continue to do so.