Square Solution

Mentoring and coaching businesses and budding entrepreneurs by problem solving and offering advice on how to achieve success.

The Challenge

To be real with business owners about what’s going wrong or could be done better, using a dynamic approach to make things happen quickly and effectively within their business strategy.

How We Did It

Bav Majithia founded Square Solution in 2004 to support companies with mentoring and coaching, offering high-quality consultancy services to enhance and improve businesses.

As part of the consultancy process, I build a picture of the day-to-day operations by assessing sales numbers, management processes and skills within the teams. From this, I can analyse how the business is being run, identifying the problem areas that allow me to give an honest, unfiltered view of what the company needs to do better.

I’ve worked with everyone, from sole traders to multi-national CEOs. As an outsider to their business, I offer an unbiased assessment, challenging their thoughts and processes while providing a different outlook and vision as a fresh pair of eyes.

It’s been busier than ever during the COVID-19 period as businesses fight to survive. My efforts have recently shifted to mentoring and coaching small businesses entrepreneurs looking to begin their own company, offering advice to help them grow.


Helped a range of companies of every size problem solve aspects of their business by offering unbiased, unfiltered consultancy services with only one goal: to help them achieve success.

Personal Learnings

Many businesses are very similar, despite their size, and they all have similar pain points. Understanding these have helped me identify improvements for my own businesses.
The skills I’ve developed over the years and easily transferable from one industry to another, which gives me the ability to offer actionable business advice.
Many companies are big ships that take a long time to turn – offering dynamic solutions has helped me see the kind of growth that can be achieved by moving fast.