Bav Majithia


Manufactured, branded and marketed a new natural energy drink during the disruptive COVID-19 pandemic.


Get natural energy drink Bee Immune out to market while tackling supply chain issues due to Coronavirus.


We created a natural energy drink with a 7-day subscription option, focussing the marketing and branding around the importance of bees, which produce one of the drink’s key ingredients – honey. Customers from several countries around the world now regularly subscribe.


In 2020, Bally from the Rich List Group came up with the concept for a new energy drink made entirely from natural ingredients, including honey, turmeric, lemon and lime.

The project was ambitious, given that the idea came about during the Coronavirus pandemic. But because of the pandemic, we wanted to create a healthy drink that could help keep the body’s immune system strong against viruses.

After a busy period of planning, we manufactured a 7-day subscription drink, allowing customers to consume a healthy shot containing a range of health benefits once a day.

We decided to focus on a direct to consumer online model targeting customers in the UK and Spain, mostly because getting the product out has been tricky throughout the pandemic with various supply chain and operational issues caused by COVID-19.

Though these issues initially slowed us down, we already have many subscribers and a fully functioning website where customers can sign up to our product. We’re currently in the process of ironing out our brand story and improving our online presence, so watch this space for exciting things to come.


The right marketing strategy is essential. You can have the best product in the world, but if the marketing doesn’t support it, it won’t sell.

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